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Our Christmas Tree Farm surrounds the site of the Volendam Windmill, a six story 80 foot tall tourist attraction built by members of our family bringing visitors from around the world. In 1985 we began the tree farm to help support the Windmill. Today we have 25,000 Douglas Fir trees ranging up to 6 feet tall.

In addition to wholesaling trees to the retail market, we take visitors on hay rides to our various tree plantations, hand them a saw and watch them sally forth to select and cut the tree of their choice.

We return with the wagons at fairly regular intervals (haven't lost any yet) to pick up our friends, new and old, along with their trees and return them to the baling area. After bailing, the visitor brings his car to our loading site where Charlie Brown's gang loads the tree on the car for the trip home.

We also have wreaths, grave blankets and brush for making your own decorations.

Visit us soon! You'll enjoy it and our first customer is still with us each year. Start the season the day after Thanksgiving with Charlie Brown and his gang!


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Charlie Brown

Tree Whisperer

If your quiet, and listen you can hear the trees growing.

Randy Brown



Tree Farm Owners

Charlie Brown

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